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School of leading
UX/UI designers

We teach total beginners to a middle-plus level, help our students with employment and support them through the development of their design careers.

Сайты Pro

Курс по дизайну сайтов. Поможет освоиться в профессии и выйти на первый заработок.

Курс включает:
UX/UI дизайнер: Сайты Pro
Бессрочный доступ к материалу
6 проектов в портфолио

Mobile Pro

Курс по дизайну мобильных приложений. Поможет углубиться в дизайн интерфейсов.

Курс включает:
UX/UI дизайнер: Mobile Pro
Бессрочный доступ к материалу
2 проекта в портфолио
Studying at UPROCK — professional mentorship and internship in our company

Studying with us equals an internship at a design studio because you will go through the whole working process that is in line with work in studios and large companies. We give detailed feedback on all design-related questions.

Besides studying, you can also consult with us about freelance and your commercial projects. While studying, you can also work on other projects with the help of our mentors - designers from Uprock

Евгений Кузьмин, дизайн-директор Uprock
In almost 20 years of experience I worked in the best design teams, launched different startups and opened one of the most awarded design studios in Russia and CIS. All this time I was personally mentoring young specialists, and now I successfully apply these skills to help others learn UX/UI design on a professional level.
Evgeniy Kuzmin-CEO, Design Director of UPROCK
Evgeniy Kuzmin
CEO, Design Director of UPROCK

Benefits of working as
a UX/UI designer

UX/UI-design — is a process of creating, user-friendly interfaces. This profession is a great choice for creative people that like to solve different user problems and create something new, combining logic with aesthetics.
Always high in demand on the market
Remote full-time job or freelance
Unlimited professional growth potential
Collaborations with overseas companies
Median salary starting from 100 000 ₽
Ability to open your own startup
Our course is suitable for everyone, even people without any relevant experience. Having gained the fundamental knowledge, you will gradually start implementing it on practice. The course is built on a very well-structured methodology.
Beginners in the profession
Graphic designers
Front-end developers
Project Managers
Those who are changing careers
Those who want to become a freelancer